Food Defense Recertification

How to renew your current food defense certificate

Recertifications with The Global Food Defense Institute is easy!  If your Food Defense Certificate was issued within the past 3 years of applying for recertification by any Certifying body such as GFDI, Comprehensive Food Safety, FSPCA or anyone else, you can renew your certificate here and will be issued a certificate from The Global Food Defense Institute. You may want to check with your original certifying body if you would like a certificate from them. 

Simply click on the $ symbol on the video below, complete the information by providing your name, email address and payment method, pay the fee of $150, and watch the video. We will automatically be notified that you've completed the training video and will immediately email you a digital certificate to renew your food defense credentials.  That's it!  

Food Defense Recertification 2021

Food Defense Recertification 2021

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To watch the recertification training video,  click on the $ on the video.