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Courses & Services

All of our courses can be provided online (Virtual), on site or in a public forum.  The courses can be 4 hours, 8 hours, or 2 full days.

Contact us to schedule today! 

Food Defense Level I-Basic
FSMA I.A. Rule Compliant

Two day course onsite 

Day 1 

•    Food Defense Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow! 

•    Situational Response: Product Tampering & Threat Response Workshop 

•    Understating the New Face of Crime and Terrorism

•    FDA Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) (Key Activity Types, Corrective Actions, Monitoring Critical Areas) 

•    Developing Your Facility General Food Defense Plans and Programs    


    FDA Food Defense Plan Builder

    Emergency Evacuations

    Bomb/Threat Response Procedures

    Proper Mail Handling-US Postal Service Training Guidelines

    Chemical Storage Security

    Warehouse Security 

    Visitor and Contractor Policies

    Cargo & Transportation Security

    Key, Lock and Seal Control

    CCTV & Card Access Systems 

    Shipping/Receiving Security

    Natural Disasters/Weather Emergency Preparedness

    Security Guard Personnel      


•    Conducting Security Vulnerability Assessments

•    Facility Vulnerability Assessment Workshop and/or Review of Your Facility Vulnerability Assessment 


Day 2 

•    Handling Crisis Management and Hostile Situations

•    Crisis Management Workshop

•    Active Shooter Response, Readiness and Alert Response

•    Active Shooter Video-Run, Hide, Fight

•    Workplace Violence Programs

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Food Defense Level II-Advanced

Two day course onsite 

This  is our Intense Advanced Food Defense, Crisis Management and Tampering Investigation course.  

This 2 day course is packed with the following topics: 

  • Creating a Culture of Food Defense

  • Building an Emergency Management Program

  • Conducting Advanced Site Vulnerability Assessments using Process Flow and HACCP Diagrams

  • Conducting Investigtations

  • Conducting Online Background Searches/Using the Internet tools

  • Cargo Security and Unlawful Transportation 

  • Best mitigation strategies to match site security vulnerabilities. 

  • Conducting Tampering Interviews/Understanding Body Language

  • CCTV/Camera Operations, Usage and Placement 

  • Best Practices for using Visitor managment Systems

  • Conducting Advanced Active Shooter/Assailant Response Drills

  • Cybersecurity & Ransomeware Awareness

  • Emergency Management Business Continuity Planning 

  • Much, much more!!

6-Hour Food Defense Qualified Individual Virtual Course

Virtual/Online FDQI FSMA o    


Module 1:  

The Goals of FSMA Intentional Adulteration Rule

Module 2: 

Food Defense Engaging Workshop

What do you do in the event of an increased threat announcement to the food supply? General Discussion. 

Food Defense Workshop: What do you do in the event of an increased threat announcement to the food supply? General Discussion.

Module 3: 

Unboxing IA Rule 21 CFR Part 121

The FDA’s Food Safety Modernization Act rule: Mitigation Strategies to Protect Food Against Intentional Adulteration (21 CFR Part 121) (IA Rule) requires that covered facilities develop and implement a food defense plan that protects the facility’s most vulnerable points from acts of intentional adulteration intended to cause wide scale public health harm. 

Module 4: 

Food Defense Qualified Individuals: 

Understanding the requirements. Training, experience and educational requirements are discussed. 

Module 5: 

Process Flow Diagrams & Identifying Actionable Process Steps 

Please have available a copy of your process flow diagram for discussion and review. 

Module 6: 

Conducting Your Vulnerability Assessment Utilizing the Key Activity Type (KAT) Hybrid Method 

This training course is targeted towards food professionals using FDA’s Key Activity Type (KAT) method to conduct their facility’s vulnerability assessment (VA). 

Module 7: 

FDA Strategic Mitigatin Strategies Database

Assigning Mitigation Strategies to your vulnerabilities

Please bring or have your laptop or mobile device available to access the internet. 

Module 8: Vulnerability Assessment Workshop (Please have your mobile device or laptop available)

Module 9: Corrective Actions, Reanalysis and building your Food Defense Plans

Module 10: 

Advanced Vulnerability Assessment Training for FDQI

Utilizing the FDA’s Strategic Mitigation Strategies Database 

Module 11:

Writing the Food Defense Plan using the FDA Food Defense Plan Builder

Module 12: 

Practical Examination: Identifying and suggesting mitigation strategies. 

Module 13: 

Written examination required for FDQI Certification. *(60 questions)

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“StreetSmart for the Front Line” 
Front Line Employee, Receptionist and Office Worker Food Defense Awareness and Active Shooter/Assailant Readiness

One to two hour course onsite

Protecting yourself to and from work or play. Things you can do to be safe…not sorry!


•    What makes a person "suspicious" and what are some warning signs to look for to identify him/her. 

•    Conducting "mini-vulnerability" assessments in your work area. Spotting the trouble and taking action! 

•    How to make a "friendly and helpful" approach to a suspicious or unknown person at your facility

•    How to quickly "scan" for a valid driver's license or other credentials 

•    An in-depth discussion of your facilities visitor’s policies, contractors and other guest’s policies 

•    Understanding parking and other security policies at your facility. 

•    Understanding why "Piggybacking" or “Tailgating” can be dangerous!  

•    Understanding facility evacuations.

•    Active shooter threat response and self-protection. Learn how to be safe...not sorry! 

•    Video: Run, Hide, Fight. 

Workplace Violence

Recognition, Readiness and Response
(California SB 553 Compliant course)

One day course onsite

  • Learn the organizations approach to Workplace Violence Prevention (Zero Tolerance & Zero Incidents)

  • Managing Workplace Violence, Detect, Prevent & Protect

  • How to be safe, not sorry! 

  • Early problem identification.  How to respond and intercept. 

  • Dealing with increasing hostile people in the workplace

  • How to de-escalate potentially violent persons

  • Role play scenarios: What do you do if………? 

  • When someone says, “I’ll be back…and it won’t be pretty!” 

  • How to effectively utilize law enforcement and other outside support. 

  • Safe and effective job terminations.  How to do it the proper way and be safe. 

  • Dealing with the aftermath of an incident.  

  • Effectively Implementing a multi-disciplinary approach to Workplace Violence

  • Properly documenting and recording incidents of Workplace Violence.

  • How to write an effective Workplace Violence plan

  • How to train team members and employee's on Workplace Violence

  • When domestic violence enters the workplace

  • Using Role Play in training Workplace Violence Recognition 

  • Much, much more!  

Certification Presentation-Each Attendee will receive a Certificate of Completion in Workplace Violence Readiness for course attendance and for meeting the recommendations of the Global Food Defense Institute. 

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